7 Creative Uses for Concrete

Nov 25, 2020Concrete

Concrete is an extremely useful construction material that can be fabricated into various fixtures and facades. A few of these creations have a practical application, while others are works of art that belie the ideal industrial use case of this material.  

This blog will discuss various interesting ideas using concrete that can add elegance and style to any space in North Texas. With the constant growth in popularity of high-end concrete finishes when it comes to surfaces like countertops and floors, concrete has become one of the top contenders in home décor.  


Though concrete has come into the limelight, thanks to large home projects, it still can be used to bring out the beauty from any space, in any way. There is no way we could mention all the different creative uses for concrete in a blog, but our professionals from T&T Redi Mix LLC have mentioned a few of their favorites below.  

Breaking up space  

We all know that concrete works well for a whole-surface material, but most people don’t know that it can be used in sections to help you break up space as well.  

Building up your fireplace using concrete will help you draw attention to a particular focal point, especially when your surrounding walls are made out of simply finished drywall.

Using this technique can help you give an average room some upscale feel.

Since concrete can resemble industrial, natural, and even contemporary materials, it looks great when combined with other types of materials such as tiles or wood. Installing concrete inlays on your floor or walls can add a unique flair to the space in contrast with exciting textures and shapes.  

Concrete accents  

While a beautifully finished large slab of concrete in itself is an excellent addition to any room, little things can help you bring out a more significant impact. You can use concrete to build lighting fixtures that look unique and extraordinary.

Concrete can be stamped and carved before it’s dried to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Lamp bases, coasters, vases, and soap dishes are a few places where you can find unexpected style when using concrete as an accent.  

Accessorizing with concrete can draw focus in a room where they are the only concrete items present. You can even use these accessories to tie a room together where concrete is being used for countertops, floors, or even both.

A personal touch  

The versatility that concrete offers allow you to customize it in an infinite number of ways. One way to customize your concrete decor is to have it embedded with certain items or materials that reflect your taste and style.

Materials like sea glass, jewelry, or fossils can be used to create a unique original piece that acts both as artwork and as a functional figurine for your home. Embedding concrete surfaces like flooring, tabletops, shower walls, countertops, or any other surface will help you add some style to these unexpected places.

Resting benches  

If you have some open space in your backyard, you could use concrete blocks to create a resting bench where you and your family members can create memories.

Unlike any other material you could imagine, a concrete bench is undoubtedly going to last longer.

There are various ways you could approach using concrete to create an outdoor bench. You can later layer up your bench with a sofa sheet and some cozy pillows to transform it into a chilling corner of your home.

Mix materials  

You can practice synthesizing unexpected material combinations using concrete. Using wood and concrete as the primary materials to build a table could give you something that not only solves your purpose but also looks attractive.


Concrete planters can make a permanent addition wherever you want to plant flowers, ornamental grasses, or small shrubs. Like we all know, concrete is a highly durable material, which means it won’t rot over time like wooden planters.  

If you wish to, you can transform these concrete planters using decorative borders and other embellishments to compliment your home’s aesthetics and style.

Water feature  

Most homeowners in North Texas prefer to treat their backyards as an essential part of their home. If you are one of those people, you can consider making your backyard even more exciting and attractive by adding a water feature like a water wall or a decorative pond.  

Using concrete as the building material will be an excellent choice since it is amazing for creative application. Once installed, a concrete pond or a waterfall in your backyard will be a perfect place for you to go after a long day to relax and unwind.


Concrete is an excellent building material that can offer multiple purposes. It’s an extremely useful material that offers versatility and strength. Despite being discovered in ancient times, we still use concrete for most of our construction, making it the most used material on earth. We can surely expect interesting developments in the future as modern technology continues to improve this material.

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