8 Interesting Ready Mix Concrete Facts You Didn’t Know About

Aug 27, 2020Concrete

Construction projects today cannot do without a good quality concrete mix. We all know how important a material it is for ensuring a structure’s strength and durability. Not just in current times, concrete’s been in use from the reign of Romans.

Concrete is something, we at T&T Redi Mix also deal with every day. In fact, even our blogs are focused towards ready mix, offering you construction solutions like no other.

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But what is ready mix concrete (RMC) all about? And how much do you know about it? Here are some quick facts that’ll help you gain more insights on the material you keep hearing and using so often.

1. Concrete today is different from ancient times.

The concept of concrete has been in use since the existence of ancient civilizations, including the Romans and Greeks. However, the concrete mix they used back in 800 to 300 BC had a totally different formulation than what we use today. People then used volcanic ash, pumice, lime and water to prepare their blend which bears no resemblance to the materials we use today such as sand, gravel, rocks, air, water, and cement etc.

2. Joseph Aspdin created modern concrete.

Modern concrete or Portland cement as we know it today was brought into the mainstream during the 1800s by Joseph Aspdin after the knowledge of concrete died with the downfall of Romans. He was an English bricklayer who introduced concrete once again nearly after 1300 years of its initial use. And the first-ever concrete batching factory was set up in the 1930s, but the industry took off only after the 1960s and since then has continued to mature.

3. Billions of pounds of concrete is made every year.

You read that right, tons of ready mix concrete is prepared all through the globe every year. The industry is vast, and concrete is required in all sorts of small or big scale projects. From buildings, roads, pathways, to parking lots and whatnot, concrete’s used in construction industry twice as much as any other – the turnover is massive. 

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4. RMC is supplied as a finished product.

Ready mix concrete is manufactured in batching plants according to a predetermined (quality controlled and tested) mix design from where it’s delivered either in the barrel truck or a volumetric mixer to the actual site. In a transit mixer, RMC is supplied in a plastic state whereas the second option transports it in a dry form. The product is in its finished state, which reduces the on-site workload and fast tracks the project. Certain admixtures and water are usually added to the mix on the job site after batching to make certain that distinctive properties are achieved before the final placement.

5. It can also set underwater.

The right composition makes concrete the choicest option even for under-water construction projects. Just think of all the bridges that are still in use from the Roman times – this illustrates how robust the material is in comparison to asphalt, wood, steel or other construction materials. The fact that concrete is versatile, strong, has a long service life and is also incredibly energy efficient makes the construction material a staple till today.

6. RMC is produced under controlled conditions.

Ready mix concrete is one of a kind that’s made in a batching plant under precisely controlled conditions which is its most significant advantage. Employing only sophisticated equipment along with consistent methods, the plant produces quality concrete. There’s stringent control over material testing. Set parameters are worked upon, and continuous monitoring is paramount during the production process.

7. It is multipurpose.

Ready mix concrete is ideal for several jobs, particularly where small quantities or intermittent placing is required. It can also be deployed for larger projects where space is restricted, and there’s no scope for putting up a mixing plant. RMC can be used for both commercial and residential projects since the versatility is unmatched.

Being highly resistant to both water and fire makes concrete one of the widely used materials. You’d be surprised to know that people also use it for creating sculptures and concrete jewelry is equally famous. Who knew concrete could also carve out fashion accessories, did you?

8. It needs minimal dependency.

While every component is taken care of through state-of-the-art machinery and automated controls at the batching plant itself, ready mix production requires minimal human labor dependency. Yes, it’s high-quality and suitable for diverse needs. At T&T Redi Mix, even we are equipped to provide our clients with a mix that offers greater consistency, hydration, and admixture that’s better than the others in the industry. The risks of human errors are reduced considerably. In short, it’s a less labor-intensive process as compared to any other material production but significantly superior and worth it.

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Such incredible facts show how practical a choice RMC has been for ages. Plus, it’s here to stay unless a worthy competitor steps in! It’s significantly cost-saving over several other materials. Furthermore, RMC deliveries can be well suited to a client’s schedule allowing more downtime at the site while reducing the labor costs.

Working with a reliable and reputable ready mix service provider can make sure the formulation is well within one’s requirements.

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