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Concrete is one of the most common materials used in modern construction. After all, no other material can quite match up to concrete, especially when it comes to durability, practicality, and ease of use/maintenance.

Despite the fact that concrete is an excellent construction material, it is still not impervious to major issues that can become apparent over time. The overall strength of the concrete may get compromised, or it may start to corrode after being exposed to excessive moisture. It is very evident that these problems will not only result in costly maintenance and repairs in the future but can also be very dangerous for the people who live or work in the building. Fortunately, there is a viable solution to avoid these problems: concrete additives!

T&T Redi Mix LLC is a premier concrete additive service provider in North Texas. Our concrete products and services boast of a quality that is second to none. We can help you choose the best concrete additive solution that contributes to the strength of your concrete and thereby, the success of your construction project.

What Are Concrete Additives?

Concrete additives are not the essential component of the concrete mix, but their use in concrete is becoming more and more common every day. As a matter of fact, a concrete mix without additives is an exception in construction works today! Additives are simply water reducers that are used in lieu of water to create a higher slump. The coarse aggregates of the mix will absorb large amounts of water when being pumped. This frequently causes blockage and can literally shut down the pump itself. This necessitates soaking the aggregate for a long period of time to achieve a dryness effect.

T&T Redi Mix LLC can supply ready-to-use concrete additives directly at the plant or at the job site to make your construction project goes a lot smoother.

Benefits of Using Concrete Additives

The amount of water used in the concrete mix can significantly influence the essential characteristics of concrete. It goes without saying that when water is reduced from the concrete mix, the cement paste is denser, more stiff and of a much higher quality. That being said, cutting down the water content also means that the concrete will not be easy to work with and may result in placement problems. This is where concrete additives come into the picture. When added into the concrete mix, additives can easily reduce the amount of water while still retaining the fluid properties of concrete that make it a piece of cake to work with. Plus, unlike water, additives do not evaporate and help facilitate the flow as well. They also allow you to retain the desired sturdiness you require in the concrete mix!

So, yeah, the increasing popularity of concrete additives can be owed to the physical as well as the economic benefits that they provide. Here are just a few ways in which concrete additives can benefit the concrete:

  • They cut down the necessary quantity of cement and make concrete inexpensive.
  • They add to the workability of concrete.
  • They contribute to early robustness in concrete.
  • They turn down the early heat of hydration and overcome thermal cracking issues in concrete. If there is a more heat of hydration, then cracks can appear in fresh concrete.
  • They build up the resistance against the freeze-thaw effect on concrete.
  • They maximize sustainability by bringing waste products in use.
  • They can speed up the setting time as well as there are additives that slow down the concrete setting time.
  • They function as anti-bacterial agents.

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