How long does ready mix concrete last?

Apr 16, 2021Concrete

Ready-mix concrete refers to concrete that is custom-made and produced within a factory or a batching plant. Its manufacturing is ideally based on all the required specifications. It is often delivered to the contractors in its plastic condition within cylindrical trucks, commonly known as transit mixers.

This type of ready-to-use mixture involves the calculated mixing of sand, cement, water, and aggregate, which delivers superior durability to all its users.

But before we explain how long ready mix concrete lasts, we should go through a few more advantages that come with using RMC (ready mix concrete).


Advantages of ready-mix concrete

RMC offers all its users a wide range of benefits over various other substitutes available in the market. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top advantages that it has to offer:

RMC is designed by using properly controlled manufacturing processes that help ensure the overall consistency of your design mix and its quality. Getting ready-mix concrete is very cost-effective, as it tends to reduce the overall consumption of cement thanks to automated processes and excellent on-site handling. 

It will help you reduce time on your construction development as it’s easier to work with and often requires fewer labor resources. 

You will also notice lesser wastage of all raw materials as ready-mix concrete tends to eliminate the requirement of on-site manual mixing. 

Ready-mix concrete is also more durable than your traditional concrete and can significantly enhance your construction project’s overall lifespan. 

It is prepared at the batching plant directly, eliminating the need for any on-site storage of raw materials. 

Ready-mix concrete is also environment-friendly as there is minimal dust emission, better utilization of raw materials, and creates lower pollution. 

Different types of ready-mix concrete 

Three different types of ready-mix concrete are available in the market depending on the mixing of various materials:

  • Transit mixed concrete
  • Shrink mixed concrete
  • Central mixed concrete

Transit mixed concrete

AKA (also known as) Dry-batched concrete, transit mixed concrete is made by putting water and other essential ingredients straight into the truck mixer. The mixer is rotated at high speed when these materials are being added and rotated at a usual agitating speed after. This particular type of ready-mix concrete has three different variation possibility types:

  • Concrete mixed at the job site
  • Concrete mixed in yard
  • Concrete mixed in transit

Shrink mixed concrete

This type of concrete ideally refers to concrete that is moderately mixed in the plant mixer, after which balanced mixing is carried out inside a drum mixer mounted on a truck while in transit.

The amount of mixing that needs to be carried out in the transit mixer often depends on the extent of mixing carried out in the central mixing plant. 

Central mixed concrete

It’s the type of ready-mix concrete prepared by properly and carefully mixing concrete in a central batching plant. In the case of centrally mixed concrete, the mixer plays the role of the agitator. You can also use dump trucks for this step based on the workability requirements. 

Applications of ready-mix concrete 

RMC can be widely used in several applications. Some of the major concreting projects include bridges, dams, tunnels, roads, canals, etc. It can also concrete congested areas where storing any construction materials is not reasonably possible and on sites areas where traffic intensity can make things difficult to work with. 

You can also use ready mix concrete where there is any shortage of labor staff and supervisors. Thanks to its ability to reduce the overall time required in construction, ready-mix concrete is favored for industrial and residential purposes. 

The total lifespan of ready-mix concrete

The overall lifespan of your ready-mix concrete’s strength and quality often depends on the initial concrete placement and the environment. Numerous concrete structures are thousands of years old. Ideally, your concrete should continue to gain even more strength for many years after placement. 

Nevertheless, most modern construction uses reinforced concrete that needs steel reinforcement to meet the desired strength. This means that the deterioration of your steel dictates if your building requires any structural repairs. Moreover, concrete that is placed in coastal areas tends to corrode steel in a shorter period. Piers partially in the ocean are going to deteriorate even faster. 


Ready-mix concrete is manufactured in a plant that is someplace away from the actual construction site and is delivered to the location in an unhardened, plastic state that is ready to use. 

Measured and sold by volume, this type of concrete imparts even higher strength and durability to a structure. 

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