How to Maintain and Fix Concrete

Concrete is a durable, long-lasting material. However, by following proper concrete maintenance tips, you can extend the lifetime of concrete even more!

While concrete is durable and can withstand harsh conditions, it does require some maintenance. The amount of maintenance the concrete needs depends on the amount of traffic it gets on a regular basis.

Residential concrete typically requires less maintenance than commercial concrete surfaces and pavement. Since residential concrete experiences light traffic, occasional sweeping and damp mopping is sufficient maintenance.

Easy-to-follow concrete maintenance tipshow to maintain and fix concrete

Here are some general tips for keeping concrete well-maintained:

  • Avoid choosing concrete designs that have narrow gaps, as these gaps can collect dirt and will be difficult to clean out.
  • For concrete that isn’t polished or smooth, have a quality sealant applied to protect the concrete and have it last longer.
  • To elongate the life of the sealant, have a commercial-grade wax finish applied. As it protects against wear and tear, it should be re-applied every so often.
  • For areas such as entrances, that experience quite a bit of foot traffic, use mats whenever possible.
  • Clean every so often using a damp mop or broom to keep dirt and grime from collecting on concrete.
  • Make sure to repair cracked or damaged concrete as soon as possible.

How to fix damaged concrete

Repairing residential concrete is typically something that homeowners can handle themselves. However, for larger concrete areas, it’s best to have ready mix concrete delivered by a commercial-grade concrete pump from T&T Redi Mix LLC.

Here are some simple steps to help with the concrete repairing process:

  • Firstly, clean off any dirt or grime to ensure that the concrete material will properly bond with the existing concrete.
  • Use a chisel or hammer to remove a larger chunk of the concrete, so that the concrete that is poured will properly stick and repair the damaged concrete.
  • After using the chisel, make sure to sweep away or vacuum and stay concrete pieces or dust.
  • Then, patch up the damaged concrete and let dry. Check up on the concrete afterwards to make sure that it has dried properly.
  • After allowing the concrete to cure overnight, check to see if additional patching is needed.
  • Prefereably, after the concrete has cured and dried properly, apply a quality sealant to the concrete.

Maintaining and fixing concrete when needed can ensure that your concrete, whether residential or commercial, lasts a long time. For more information on concrete and concrete repairs, call T&T Redi Mix LLC at 214-785-8037!  Also, check out our blog for more helpful tips!