Top Ten Ready Mix Concrete Facts You Should Know About

Ready mix concrete (or RMC) is one of the most popular concrete products on the market today for both commercial and residential construction projects. In fact, it holds the largest share in the total concrete used in the construction industry! After all, it is durable, it is diverse and it is extremely affordable. But surely, there is more to it than that, isn’t there? Well, there is!

As a leading supplier of ready mix concrete in North Texas, we, at T&T Redi Mix LLC, do know a great deal about it. So, we have curated this list of all the interesting facts you need to know about the modern marvel that is RMC. Read on!

  1. Ready mix concrete refers to concrete manufactured in a factory or a batch processing plant in compliance with the set standards. The prepared concrete mix is then delivered to the construction site in an unhardened and plastic state, ready for use.
  2. Ready mix concrete is sold by volume, typically measured in cubic metres.
  3. Ready mix concrete is used primarily in small to medium-sized construction projects where hiring labor or leasing mixing equipment is clearly not worth the expense and time.ready mix concrete facts
  4. There are three types of ready mix concrete based on the mixture of different materials. These include:
  • Transit mixed concrete: It is also known as dry-batched concrete because all the necessary materials, including water, are directly charged to the truck mixer.
  • Shrink mixed concrete: The concrete is partially mixed in the plant mixer, and then the additional mixing is performed in the truck-mounted drum mixer during the transit phase.
  • Central mixed concrete: It is also known as the central batching plant, where the concrete is vigorously mixed before being loaded into the truck mixer.
  1. Ready mix concrete offers the greatest quality assurance. Controlling the quality of concrete mixed on the job site is tough. There is a lot of manhandling, and you need to stay on top of the ratio of water to cement as well as the grading of aggregates like sand, gravel, and crushed stone. However, each batch of ready mix concrete is manufactured using the most advanced equipment and practices. The manufacturing process itself is heavily regulated and monitored, resulting in the best quality concrete mix.
  2. Ready mix concrete can accelerate the construction process. The process of manually mixing conventional concrete properly on the job site can be long and tedious, and by the time it is poured, you may find yourself enraged by mounting delays. However, with the use of ready mix concrete, the length of the overall process can be reduced as the batch is already mixed and prepared to the highest standards in a different location and then delivered to the building site. This will make it easier for you to complete more jobs faster and more efficiently than you would have been able to do with traditional concrete mix, allowing you a chance to enjoy more extensive upgrades than you would have thought were possible.
  3. Ready mix concrete keeps the construction site clean. One of the major drawbacks of traditional concrete that has to be mixed on site is the likelihood of excessive dust and debris flying into the air and settling over the surfaces that you would want to keep protected. It can leave you scrambling to conceal important areas or deal with needless delays or damage to your property. You can avoid all the mixing difficulties by using ready mix concrete. Airborne dust and debris would be a problem of the past because ready mix concrete uses the bulk of cement instead of cement bags.
  4. Ready mix concrete helps reduce the consumption of cement. Every batch of ready mix concrete is prepared for a particular building site. The ingredients are measured long in advance with the job in mind, thus reducing cement consumption by 10 to 12 percent. It helps you save money as raw materials for concrete manufacturing can be pretty expensive. It also prevents you from having a huge amount of cement mixture left over that you may be unable to dispose of.
  5. The use of ready mix concrete dramatically reduces human dependency. The statistical odds of human error are also decreased due to less involvement of human workers. It also tends to reduce the workload and the intensive workload on humans. As most of the process is operated by a machine, each step can be monitored by a single individual and adjustments can be made instantaneously if any inconsistency or error is identified.
  6. Ready mix concrete eliminates the need for storage. Many construction sites have limited storage space for raw materials. This problem can be easily fixed with ready mix concrete . Typically, when you buy ready mix concrete, you measure the volume (in cubic meters or cubic yards) needed for your construction project beforehand, eliminating the need for material storage.

After reading these facts, it must be clear to you that ready mix concrete has many advantages in the construction business and is an ideal solution to many on-site mixing problems. It can be concluded that not only is ready mix concrete time-efficient and less labor-intensive, but that it is also a good combination of all the materials in an acceptable manner, providing a solid base for all construction work.

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