What are the Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete?

Over the past few years, ready mix concrete has become a more popular option for construction projects. Ready mix concrete works well for most concrete-related construction projects. Almost 60% of concrete is sold as ready mix concrete. Here are five of the main advantages of using ready mix concrete:

Less Cement UsedAdvantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete

One of the main advantages of using ready mix concrete is that you’ll only end up using the amount of ready mix concrete that you need for the job. WIthout ready mix concrete, it’s common for excess concrete to be ordered and wasted. Ready-mix alternatives allow buyers to estimate the scale of their project and only use the amount of concrete that they need.

Quicker Completion

Ready-mix concrete tends to set faster than other concrete options. At T&T Redi Mix, we can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Site mixing concrete can mean that construction workers come across far more issues that they do working with ready mix concrete. Since many companies charge by the hour, you can understand why it’s important to get the job completed as soon as possible.

Higher-Quality Concrete

One of the biggest issues that arises with site mix concrete is that it can vary greatly in quality. Since site mix concrete allows more room for error, the quality of concrete can end up being lower. On the other hand, ready mix concrete is mixed using a regulated process, which means that the quality of concrete is constant. Therefore, it’s better to hire a company that provides ready mix concrete so that the quality of concrete is high.

Fewer Materials Needed

Site mix concrete tends to require many more materials than ready mix concrete does. Water, admixtures and aggregates are needed for projects using site mix concrete, and storage of these materials can mean that more trucks and labor are needed. Ready-mix concrete uses the same materials, but in a much smaller quantity. In fact, many of these ingredients are already combined with the ready mix concrete. Normally, ready mix concrete makes for faster completion of construction projects.

Lower Dependency on Staff

Ready-mix projects normally need staff members that are experienced in driving, mixing and setting. On the other hand, companies that use site mix concrete have to hire multiple different specialists to carry out a project. Employing more people to work on a project will mean that a project is more expensive. At T&T Redi Mix, our staff is already well-trained in the areas required for the project.

While ready mix concrete is easier to use than site mix concrete, it’s still best left to the pros. Contact the experts at T&T Redi Mix to help with your concrete pouring project. We’ll get the job done!