What is ready mix concrete and why is it so popular?

When it comes to construction or renovation projects, one of the most popular materials in use today is concrete — and rightly so. Whether it is a commercial, residential, or even an industrial construction project, the versatility that concrete offers is really hard to beat. However, the unfamiliar users of concrete (which, by the way, is a large majority of residential and commercial property owners) may find getting the right mix difficult for a small concrete job. That being the case, ready mix concrete is growing more popular in the market today. Some market studies have even demonstrated that ready mix concrete holds about 60 percent share in the total concrete used in the construction industry!

What is ready mix concrete?

What is Ready Mix ConcreteReady mix concrete is, as the name implies, concrete that you mix yourself. It will cost more per yard than from a cement truck, but it is the way to go for small concrete jobs. One of the selling points of ready mix concrete is that it is convenient. It comes in bags of either 45 pounds or 85 pounds, and so you just get what you need and take it home with you. Once you have it mixed up with water, you can then pour it wherever you want it. It has many uses and is just the same thing as the concrete you get from the cement trucks… only without the cement truck.

If you are still wondering why ready concrete mix has created a lot of buzz around, continue reading.

1. Ready mix concrete ensures superior quality control.

For most engineers and contractors, quality control at the on-site concrete project has always been the primary concern. Maintaining the perfect water:cement and grade of the aggregates can become a challenging job while working with conventional concrete. On the other hand, ready mix concrete is manufactured at a remote batching plant — according to a set engineered mix design and using the most advanced equipment — and then delivered to the construction site. In this way, it ensures a superior quality of concrete.

2. It makes a time-optimized concrete solution.

Using ready mix concrete is a lot more efficient than the traditional way of preparing a concrete of desired specifications. When you order ready mix concrete, you can shave off some of that time it would have taken you to mix cement bags manually.

3. You can save a lot on your construction costs.

Ready mix concrete is cheap to produce as it is made from nothing but water and cement. It significantly cuts down the electricity consumption at the job site, and the ratio of all the ingredients in the mix is correctly maintained as well – Because of that, there are no chances of wastage. Not to mention, the use of manual labor — as in the case of on-site concrete mix production — is reduced considerably. In addition to that, when you order concrete, you do not have to face the hassles of storing raw concrete materials like sand, stone, and cement bags. All of this means that using ready mix concrete can actually save you a lot on your construction cost. Furthermore, with concrete being one of the most durable materials around, you can recover the cost of investment in just a couple of years.

4. Concrete is a greener alternative to its traditional counterparts.

The use of ready mix concrete is also far more environmentally friendly than any other materials, considering that the basic ingredients used in preparing the mix (sand, cement, water, gravel, and stone) are all very readily available in nature. Moreover, it is prepared with a just-in-time approach ensuring the least wastage of material, and the leftover can be easily passed through an efficient recycling process so it can be used a second time.

5. This is literally a once in a lifetime investment.

Concrete is a highly durable construction material and will last for years on end. It is resistant against heavy winds, rainwater, fire, and termites. The same cannot be said about wood, timber, or any other type of material.

Final Notes

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